TCL has launched a new AI TV production studio and we are looking for AI video experts to join ourgrowing team.

Our studio utilizes the latest AI tools including Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Pika Labs, and Runway, and is led by former production executives and producers from major studios and networks.

Together with our team of AI engineers and researchers, we are building the tools to animate consistent characters and environments and deliver professional TV programs. Our associates will gain valuable expertise with these tools.

Our studio is searching for talent with a demonstrated ability to animate video content using AI software.

The pay rate is $30/hour.
To apply for this position, please email and provide the following:
1) Detailed resume
2) Brief statement of your AI skills, software knowledge, and experience.
3) Links to your portfolio.

• Demonstrated relevant creative and/or software skills
• Self-directed, self-motivated, get-the-work-done approach
• Strong communication/presentation skills
• A great portfolio/samples of creative/technical work
• 4 year college degree, desired, but not required.

• Creation of professional video content as directed by team leader
• Gaining proficiency in new content tools as directed by team leader
• Contribute effectively to the creative success of studio team
• Other responsibilities will be required as team evolves.

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